‘Like Old Times’ Published in Flash Fiction Magazine!

flash fiction

I’m thrilled to announce that my flash fiction ‘Like Old Times’ has just been published at Flash Fiction Magazine today. I don’t want to ruin the story for you, but it’s about a man named Clive who, whilst battling with his inner demons, encounters someone who was important to him from his past.

You can read it by following this link here.

Flash Fiction Magazine is a wonderful online magazine that publishes a piece of flash fiction every day. The stories they publish include all types of style and genre, so there is really something on there for everyone to enjoy.

I hope you read and enjoy my story, and if you’re reading this, I have two more pieces of prose being published tomorrow; ‘Hereditary’ at Spelk and ‘October’ in Issue #15 of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, so keep an eye out for those updates!

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