To query about running writing workshops, presenting a talk or reading, or any other events, please contact me here. Will usually respond within 24 hours.

Upcoming Events

Things Left and Found At the Side of the Road: Bath Flash Fiction Award Volume 3 and Flash Fiction Festival Two Anthology Launches – Saturday 19th January 2019 at St. James Wine Vaults in Bath, 7.30pm-10pm – with various authors published in both anthologies, including Meg Pokrass, Carrie Etter, KM Ekes, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Diane Simmons, Jude Higgins, Alison Powell, Jeanette Sheppard, and many more!

Previous Events

Flasher’s Club – Thursday 29th November 2018 at Smokey Joe’s in Cheltenham, 7.30pm – 9.30pm –  invited to be the Guest Reader for the Flasher’s Club, a quarterly flash fiction open mic night.

Bath Spa University Plenary Series – Bath Spa University – October 2018 – Will be giving a reading to first-year undergraduate students from There’s Something Macrocosmic About All of This and other selected works.

Evening of Flash Readings – St James Wine Vaults, Bath – 6th October 2018 – 7.30pm-9.30pm – with Diane Simmons, KM Elkes, Michael Loveday, Matthew Thorpe-Coles, Jude Higgins, Karen Jones, and John Wheway.

Flash Fiction Festival 2018 – Friday 20th July 2018 – Sunday 22nd July 2018 – I’ll be running a workshop on experimental flash fiction, giving readings of my work, and appearing on a panel about V-Press and flash fiction pamphlets.

Launch of Ripening: National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2018 – Saturday 16th June 2018 – Bedminster Library, Bristol – come to the launch of this year’s National Flash Fiction Day anthology, edited by myself and Alison Powell. Reading at the event this year will be: Alison Powell, Calum Kerr, Diane Simmons, F J Morris, Gemma Govier, Grace Palmer, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Jude Higgins, Judy Darley, K M Elkes, Kevlin Henney, and Sal Page.

Bath Spa University Lecture – Bath Spa University – November 2017 – Gave a mini-lecture  and reading to first-year undergraduate students from Dots and other flashes of perception.

New College LitFest 2017 – New College, Swindon – 8th November 2017 – Delivered a talk, reading, and writing workshop to AS/A2 students about flash fiction and my career as a writer.

Launch of ‘The Chemist’s House’ by Jude Higgins – 29th September 2017 – St. James Wine Vaults, Bath – with Diane Simmons, Jude Higgins, Meg Pokrass, Alison Powell, and Conor Haughton.

National Flash Fiction Day 2017 Anthology Launch at the Flash Fiction Festival – 24th  June 2017 – Flash Fiction Festival, Bath, New Oriel Hall – with Calum Kerr, Kevlin Henney, Diane Simmons, Stephanie Hutton, Rupert Dastur, Erica Plouffe Lazure, and Helen Rye.

Spring Evening of Flash – St James Wine Vaults, Bath – 17th March 2017 – with Diane Simmons, Kevlin Henney, Michael Loveday, Jeanette Sheppard, and Carrie Etter.

Bath Spa University Lecture – Bath Spa University – January 2017 – Gave a mini-lecture and reading to first-year undergraduate students from Dots and other flashes of perception.

Dots and other flashes of perception: Book Launch – St James Wine Vaults, Bath – 18th November 2016 – with Calum Kerr, Jude Higgins, and Diane Simmons.

New College LitFest 2016 – New College, Swindon – 9th November 2016 – Delivered a talk, reading, and writing workshop to AS/A2 students about flash fiction and my career as a writer.

Inaugural Bath Flash Fiction Award Event  St James Wine Vaults, Bath – 29th July 2016 – with Meg Pokrass, Carrie Etter, KM Elkes, Jude Higgins, and Diane Simmons.

National Flash Fiction Day 2016 At the Well, Bristol – 25th June 2016 – with Calum Kerr, KM Elkes, Jude Higgins, Diane Simmons, Jane Roberts, Kevlin Henney, Tim Stevenson, Tom Parker, Freya Morris, Pete Sutton, Judy Darley, and Grace Palmer.