prizes and competitions

Recent Competition Successes!

I’m thrilled to be able to share some recent competition successes I have had. I could’ve posted this much earlier, but what with National Flash Fiction Day (a full write up to follow sometime soon) and other things I haven’t had time to do more than post on Facebook or retweet on Twitter!

Firstly, my short story ‘Costume’ was shortlisted in the Finchley Literary Festival and Greenacre Writers Short Story Competition. It’s a story I really loved writing about a woman returning to a beach she hasn’t been to in many years, and hopefully I will be able to find a home for it soon so I can share the story with you all.

The winning stories sound fantastic, and it’s great to see some familiar names on the short and long list. You can read the judges report, from the brilliant Joanna Campbell, here: Finchley Literary Festival website.

And secondly, my flash fiction ‘Corrections’ won THIRD PRIZE in the Worcester LitFest & Fringe Flash Fiction Competition! I’m ecstatic about this, and the story will be published in their forthcoming 2016 Flash Fiction Anthology. I can’t wait for you to read it! You can read the announcement here: Worcester Flash Fiction Competition.

I’ve been awarded the TSS Young Writers Award!

I can now share with everyone the incredible news that I have been awarded the TSS Young Writers Award for January 2016!

It is an absolute honour to have been shortlisted and selected as the winner of this award! The Short Story (TSS) are committed to providing one of these awards to young writers over 2016, and they’re open to submissions from writers under the age of 28.

For more details check out their website by following this link here.

As a part of the award I have been commissioned to write a short story, so I had better crack on with that! I’ll post once again when the story is available to read.

To say I’m ecstatic about working with TSS over 2016 is an understatement. I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity, and I hope if you are under the age of 28 you consider going for this too!

Happy writing, happy reading!

‘Variations of Normality’ Published and Due to be on Exhibition by City Reads, Brighton and Hove — Young, Human and Creative!

A flash fiction of mine called ‘Variations of Normality’, which I submitted to the ‘Young, Human and Creative’ competition, has been published online by City Reads, Brighton and Hove, and will also be available to read *in real life* at Jubilee Library (Brighton) in the Young People’s Area from Saturday 10th October (until I don’t know when).

Unfortunately I didn’t win, but it is wonderful to have my work exhibited for people to read among other brilliant flash fiction, poetry, photography, and graphic novel excerpts, all by people between 16 and 25.

‘Variations of Normality’ is, admittedly, a very loose interpretation of the theme, which was what it means to be human. My flash fiction is about my experience during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and is focused on the idea of normality and what is considered as “normal” is different for different people: for me, this situation was an extreme situation, as it was for most people there, but something like an earthquake isn’t as unfamiliar to others who live in different parts of the world. My interpretation was that to be human is to experience different things: none two humans experience life in the same way, or have the same thoughts, feelings, or outlooks.

If you’d like to read my flash fiction but can’t make it down to the exhibition you can do so by following this link here. I hope you enjoy reading it, the other entries, and the winners.

‘No Room for Words’ selected for Shortlist!

I have just had an unexpected tweet to announce that my flash fiction, ‘No Room for Words’ has been selected for‘s June competition!

This is the first time I’ve ever been selected for a shortlist in a competition, so I’m ecstatic!

You can read the story by following this link here.

I’ve won the 2014-15 Bath Spa University Flash Fiction Prize!

This morning I woke up to some incredible, jaw-dropping news: I’d won the 2014/15 Bath Spa University Flash Fiction Prize! I’m thrilled beyond measure to have been recognised in this way and to have won a prize!

Each year the Creative Writing and Publishing departments award prizes for overall work and contribution to different forms as a way of recognising students and writers for their work.To have been chosen for the Flash Fiction Prize was not what I was expecting to wake up to this morning.

You can see the details as well as the winners of the other prizes by following this link: Bath Spa University Creative Writing Facebook Page.

Congratulations to all the other winners! I’m going to go out and celebrate!