‘Crumbs’ to be Published by The Flash Fiction Press!

My flash fiction, ‘Crumbs’, will be published by a new online flash fiction magazine The Flash Fiction Press on October 6th.

You should definitely check out this new flash fiction magazine. They accept a wide scope of fiction in terms of genre, form, and degrees of experimentation. Their word limit is anything between 100 words and 1200 words so that’s a lot of words you can play with! Their website is here and you can subscribe to email updates too.

A recurring theme in my flash fiction would be misunderstandings, be that our own misunderstanding of others, others misunderstanding of us, or our own misunderstanding of ourselves and the world around us. I think that the way different people perceive the same events, different peoples’ points of view on something, and the exposure of the reality, is really interesting to explore in fiction. ‘Crumbs’ captures this feeling through two characters; it’s about perceptions and the realisation of reality.

I’ll post a link when ‘Crumbs’ is published, but in the meantime, why not read some of the other flash fiction The Flash Fiction Press has published, and maybe consider submitting your own?

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